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From Linguine with Brie and fresh Basil to our coveted Poppyseed Chicken, our selection of hot entrees always receives a warm reception! If cold food better suits the mood, we also offer sandwich trays, gourmet salads, box lunches, a full line of hors d’oeuvres and homemade desserts. Our service doesn’t just stop at great food. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to consult with you on menu planning for your next event.



Poppinjay's has a captive audience in Corporate Campus East. During a recent stop for lunch at the cafe, it appeared most of the clientele work in the surrounding office park, however I found the food service definitely merit a trip to the complex for lunch.
In case you're wondering where in the world Corporate Campus East is located, picture SR-520 (west of I-405) and the office park containing those buildings marked with such names as Seattle Silicon, Digital, and Forbes Westar. Poppinjay's is in the Digital Building and is easily accessible from the front so you don't have to search for it throughout the building.

The lunch menu consists of a great selection of sandwiches, salads and soups. I had half a sandwich of ham and havarti and a cup of cream of broccoli soup. The sandwich was on honey wheat bread and was delicious. The cream of broccoli soup was hearty with nice-sized pieces of broccoli throughout. The Chinese Chicken Salad appeared to be a favorite of the people before me in line. It contains cucumber, celery, green onions, marinated chicken breast, lettuce, toasted almonds, sesame seeds with a special dressing and topped with rice noodles. The plate contained a generous serving of chicken and was beautifully presented.

The cafeteria-style line allows you to take a look at the salads and pastries including cookies, croissants and muffins. The staff is friendly and efficient. My order was ready in under fine minutes. Frozen yogurt is also served. I overheard a gentlemen selling his friend on meeting him for a mid-afternoon break for a healthy cup of yogurt. He was delighted Poppinjay's offers such a low-calorie treat.

The cafe is attractively decorated in gray, blue and red. It's squeaky clean. Outdoor dining is available on tables under red umbrellas. Although outdoors, the noise of the traffic on 520 is a steady hum, every table outside was occupied. A beautifully landscaped lawn and flower boxes help you forget the rush of nearby cars. Poppinjay's is definitely worth a visit. They also serve breakfast and cater breakfast, brunch, lunch and parties.



On Sunday, Sept. 27, local business owner Gertrude Popp may just strut out of Bellevue's Red Lion Hotel with an award honoring the 1992 woman entrepreneur of the year. Titled the Nellie Cashman Award, the honor goes to the woman who comes closest to matching the spirit of this pioneer from the late 1860's. Nicknamed the "frontier angel", Cashman immigrated to America from Ireland. She then opened two restaurants and a grocery store, stalked a gold claim, owned eleven mines, and founded numerous community service programs. Officials from the Women Entrepreneurs Network say Cashman represented three main qualities: a thirst for adventure, a desire for money, and a willingness to take risks. If Popp wins the award, it will be because the six-member panel believes she is the nominee who best represents these three qualities. Thirst for adventure. "Well, I think Nellie Cashman packed up and moved to Alaska to feed the loggers up there," said Popp, owner of Carillon Point's Poppinjay's cafe. "I don't know if I'd do that." Nevertheless, Popp says owning her own business is an adventure in itself.

After helping out her husband by doing the bookkeeping for his engineering firm, Popp became partner in a Bellevue-based yogurt shop. In 1987, she decided to go off on her own, and opened the first Poppinjay's in Bellevue. "It was very lonely at first," she said. "There was no one to share the decision process or responsibilities with." The long hours-sometimes 18 a day-eventually paid off. Popp now owns four cafes, in Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond and Kirkland's Carillon Point. And she's used her entrepreneurial success to the benefit of her two children. Her son John manages the Bellevue branch while her daughter Mary operates the Kirkland cafe.

Desire to make money. As Popp put it, "when you work hard, you have to have some type of compensation." But she added, "Its not my driving force though. If it was I'd probably be in another line of business." Popp said she's more concerned about providing quality. "We do a lot of things different from most delis," she said. "We don't make anything we wouldn't eat ourselves. We don't use packaged foods. Ever. And we bake everything ourselves, our cookies and our muffins and our breads."

Willingness to take risks. Popp said the risk involved with owning her own business is not too overwhelming for one simple reason: "I think most people who own their own business never really stop and consider their risks because if they did, it would be too scary to them," she said. "Just do it and hope for the best."




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